October 1, 2008

Bill O'Reilly - You're Kidding Right?

Look, everyone knows the man is a gas bag. It comes part and parcel with his profession. He's inflammatory, condescending, pretentious. But I've also seen him ask the occasional good question too. I'm not saying this because I like the guy, or buy into his I-can-shout-louder-than-you-can approach to conversation. It's just plain common sense that at some point, even the most ridiculous of human beings get it right.

Or do they?

Another blogger responds to O'Reilly, who apparently claims that his own successes in America are proof enough of the existence of God. Whew.

Sometimes a person is so absurd it's impossible NOT to blog about him. I don't even have to try and posit a counter-argument here. Only in America.

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