November 29, 2010

Best Art Vinyl 2010 -- Time to Vote has once again offered its nominees for Best Art Vinyl 2010. This means you can hit up the website and vote.

The selection is decent, though not quite as spectacular as the nominees for Best Art Vinyl 2009.

The great thing about Art Vinyl is that you're not bound to only vote for the nominated album covers. Here's how it works: a panel makes their picks and offers them to the public to vote on.

You're allowed three votes, but they can all be for albums not yet acknowledged. So if you've got some suggestions under the radar, now's the time to make them known.

Such was the case for me and Gord Downie's latest offering, The Grand Bounce (pictured above). An album cover second to none for me this year. But out of Art Vinyl's 2010 nominations, here are my top five faves.

Check out Art Vinyl's entire list, make your votes, and let me know your picks.

Deftones -- Diamond Eyes

The Chemical Brothers -- Further

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra -- Kollaps Tradixionales

Anberlin -- Dark is the Way, Light is a Place

Hornet Leg -- Ribbon of Fear


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