February 8, 2011

Writers' Trust Online Auction -- Score!

Last week, the Writers' Trust of Canada held a fund-raising auction of literary collectibles. Art pieces, postcards, various items signed by authors. In a way it was a bit of knick-knackery that was more for fans than writers -- which is all fine and good. 

However, one of the items up for auction -- an item no one else bid on save for myself -- was of particular note, and probably of the highest value. In fact, for any up and coming writer, it was a bit of a gold mine. 

The item: a year's subscription to Fiddlehead -- pretty much Canada's elite literary journal, along with a guaranteed edit of 10 pages of your own work. Pretty valuable stuff, as anyone who submits to journals know. Some of the people at Fiddlehead also work in the publishing industry -- if I am to believe what I've been told. 
Most of the time, you're lucky if one of your stories gets a quick response informing you your story is not up to the standards of the journal. But a 10 page edit? C'mon!

Anyway, be sheer luck -- and a phone-call reminder from a friend -- I placed my bid in under the wire and a day later Voila! I'm pretty excited -- and grateful, really. I love quality feedback, of which I'm sure to receive here. 

For those of you who don't know about the Writers' Trust, they're a charitable organization that supports Canadian writers unlike any other group out there. Certainly more than the current government. From grants to workshops to scholarships, they're a step above. 

And now to go get some short fiction in proper order. 


Sam said...

sounds pretty good, Harry. Are you still working on a novel?

Lucy said...

This sounds so great! Congrats.

Harry Tournemille said...

Thanks. The novel is still being worked on. Have hit a bit of a structural/plot snag, which is making me back away a bit from it. Trying to see if I find solutions elsewhere.

Sam said...

I recommend tearing your hair out in frustration, drinking yourself into a stupor and cursing Poseidan. Then get back to work on it.