September 8, 2007

Paul Thomas Anderson

Right so, one of my favourite directors, Paul Thomas Anderson, known for Magnolia and Punch Drunk Love, has a new film out. There Will Be Blood, based on the Upton Sinclair Novel Oil!, works with the always interesting themes of family, greed, and faith. Of course, having Daniel-Day Lewis, one of if not the best character actor(s) out there, as the lead doesn't hurt either.

I don't normally blog about upcoming films, but I find Paul Thomas' work to be unique in many regards. He relies on all the facets of cinema to help tell his story, not just the usual action sequences and closeups of teary-eyed actors. He's not afraid to introduce a sense of randomness, though it would be erroneous to consider such things wasted scenes. Often accompanied by lengths of silence punctuated by vibrant, focused sound, the stories contain strange events, texture for the characters and narrative, but never so far removed as to be a distraction from the whole. And it works too. The moments in Magnolia and Punch Drunk Love are often breathtaking, always with emotional sincerity and affection. Wonderful stuff.

Now, it remains to be seen if There Will Be Blood will sustain the same elements we've expected in the past. But why should it? Why not just appreciate the fact that a good film is coming down the pipe from a knowledgeable, caring hand? Great films are so few and far between these days, it's always nice to anticipate their arrival.