February 24, 2011

Sustainable Eating Plans for 2011

A LARGE MOTIVATION for our moving to a town with affordable housing was the opportunity to implement sustainable eating habits within our own back yard and community.

Our objectives: to live in a scenario where our food choices (as often as possible) are either home-grown, or derived locally, preferably pesticide and antibiotic free and organic.

February 8, 2011

Writers' Trust Online Auction -- Score!

Last week, the Writers' Trust of Canada held a fund-raising auction of literary collectibles. Art pieces, postcards, various items signed by authors. In a way it was a bit of knick-knackery that was more for fans than writers -- which is all fine and good. 

However, one of the items up for auction -- an item no one else bid on save for myself -- was of particular note, and probably of the highest value. In fact, for any up and coming writer, it was a bit of a gold mine.