January 25, 2007

5 Things...

Okay, this is completely off topic for my blog and I'm wary to partake, but considering how few people actually read this damn thing I've decided to play along... mostly to appease my wife, The Mighty Sally. I was tagged by her and informed that I must comply.

So, here are five things that some of you readers (all three of you) may not know about me:

1) I cry in movies. That's right, you heard me. For some reason I find myself to be rather emotional in films... good ones at least. Worst culprits are:
Dancer In The Dark, Lost in Translation, and The New World, which in my mind are some of the more beautiful achievements these past few years.

2) If I could be anything in the entire world, I would be a singer in some metal band. While I love all kinds of music, especially the older, protest music of Neil Young and Bob Dylan etc. I love the raw, brutally honest sentiment of metal. I love the way it screams out at injustice, revels in its own bleak outlook. I've sung before, could even pull it off. But, as a good friend of mine once said, we never pursue what we truly love because to fail at that could mean the end of our passion. I'd love to be a MMA fighter too, but that's a close second.

3) My biggest fear is to fail as a father to my upcoming child. I suppose we all are keenly aware of our own shortcomings, those hidden and those more obvious, but I worry that mine will one day prevent me from connecting with my child completely.

4) I hate
South Park. This may be a surprise to most people who know me, as this would probably be the one show they'd think I love. Untrue. This show sucks. Its social commentary is minimal, the characters are funny maybe once every thirty episodes. Even the religious slams, which I normally adore in other shows, fall short. Stupid, ineffectual crap.

5) I think car racing, whether it be Indy 500 or F1 or whatever, is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Not only is it an environmental disaster (think of the amount of fossil fuels being wasted), but it has absolutely no positive effect on any element of society, save for the red-neck faction who somehow think noise+fumes = entertainment. In fact, I have no real interest in cars in general. Sure, I'll buy one to get around, but I do not spend time thinking about which fancy sport car would be cool to drive. Do not care. I wish we didn't need a car at all.

I guess that's it...


Mighty Sally said...

Yay! Thanks for playing :) I know how you despise any sort of cheesy game. And not to worry, you will be the most amazing father - all that is required is your unconditional love. How do you like that for nauseating cliche?? LOL

flossy-p said...

I agree, the simple fact that you're already concerned about failing as a father is testiment that you care enough to make being a good father a priority. I've always thought the people who put off having children because they fear not being good enough parents, are bound the be the best parents about.

Congratulations, by the way :)

I'm glad you confessed to crying in 'Dancer in the Dark'. I think anyone who didn't cry must be broken in some way. I couldn't even speak for about 4 days after that movie without tearing up.

Kempton said...

First off, congrats to you and Sally for the upcoming parenthood. I think bad parents don't worry about being bad. So I think you will be a fine dad.

I too cry in movies as my better-half laughs at me sometimes. (OK, she wasn't really mean but she still laughs at me and wonder why I cry at movies. Ah.) I cry every time I watch The English Patient and Bridges of Madison County. And I also cry watching American Beauty, Lost in Translation. The End of The Affair, and Strictly Ballroom.

P.S. By chance, I am listening to the heart warming audio book Tim Russert authored/edited -- "Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons". You may find this book enjoyable. And, ah, I cried on some of the stories.

Theresa said...

I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU for making me watch Dancer in the Dark.
So, you're worried about being a bad dad. Big deal. You should be more concerned about what I am going to inflict after 12 years of pent up ANGER towards your 'parenting' of my child.

Love Squalor said...

anyone who doesn't cry during dancer in the dark is missing a critical emotional-brain-wiring-connection. and lost in translation was so beautiful - very tear worthy!

i think it is very normal to feel the weight of your own shortcomings as a parent, and having a child definitely pushes you to grow in new ways, but you and sally are going to be mighty-baby's heroes! the love of (and for) a child has a miraculous way of transforming fears and doubts, so don't worry too much. it sounds like your heart is already in the right place (wanting the best for your child and yourself before he/she even arrives!) and that is the most anyone can give to their unborn. big congratulations!

here here (!!) to the evils of south park and the silliness of car racing.

Harry Tournemille said...
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Harry Tournemille said...

So, everyone's seen Dancer... and bawled like babies about it too. Funny thing about artists: we're all just far too willing to express emotion.

Lars Von Trier (director) is one of my faves. His other films: Breaking the Waves and Dogville, both had me in knots as well, though not quite to the same extent as Dancer...

Thanks for all the comments.