September 13, 2008

Vintage Audio: Back to Vinyl

Best $180 I've spent in years. Went to a vintage audio dealer in Surrey and found a great turntable and receiver for my records. Full-range audio; no more truncated spectrum from CD's or, even worse, MP3's. Turntable - Pioneer PL A-35 in wood case. Receiver - Pioneer SX - 3700; the first and possibly only receiver to have AM stereo output...not that any AM stations put out stereo signals these days, ha ha. Gorgeous blue-light display, manual tuner with digital display above it. Heavy as a muffler-trucker (each about 25 lbs).

Vinyl played on first day:
Luciano Pavorotti - Yes Giorgio Soundtrack
The Swingle Singers - Going Baroque
Neil Young - Harvest
Nat King Cole - Love is a Many Splendored Thing

All hail vinyl.


Kent said...

Nice! Now you just need a proper pair of cans to enjoy it all on. I've got a pair of these ( would highly recommend them.

sam said...

Respect plus ten.

Been said...

Wicked Larry. Love it. I'll pick you up some Elvis rocords to start off the colection on a good foot:)