August 20, 2009

Ben Affleck's Book Picks

Alright, I get ridiculed enough already for thinking highly of this guy. I mean, let's face it, he's made some dumb-ass movie choices over the years--as far as artistic quality is concerned. But a recent interview I happened to read cited his logic behind some of his more maddening decisions. He basically said he was more than happy to take high-paying, crap-acting jobs that meant 6 weeks of work and the rest of the year off to be with his family and work on personal projects. Makes sense to me. Now if only I could be afforded such a luxury.

I'm not doing myself any favors by posting a link to Affleck's book picks. The link goes to that cursed befouler of television, Oprah, and her ridiculous magazine on which her wretched mug is pasted. Not my fault! If there was a better link with the same info, I'd use it. Everyone knows I attribute the general decline of North American intellect to Oprah's television show. Add Dr. Phil to the mix and the world becomes a slack-jawed beast of burden.

However, Affleck's book picks are pretty damn impressive. Moreover, his articulation of his choices is even better. Say what you want about his prissy films (and I'll probably agree), but the man is well read. And I dig that.

Affleck's Top Five Books

Again, sorry for making you go to one of Oprah's website. I should be skinned alive for that.


Anonymous said...

Your are absolved, my son.

Quite the list. He had me at Strunk & White, but sealed the deal with Matthew (though I'm a Lukan man, myself).

Harry Tournemille said...

Oh indeed. What I like about his gospel choice is how he moves away from religious rhetoric and simply speaks to the general philosophical bent. A far more convincing endorsement, if you ask me.

Katie said...

Wow, I read Dallaire's "Shake Hands with the Devil" and then I read "We Wish to Inform You..." and then used both in the research of a few papers on the Rwandan Genocide. Ben Affleck is far more well read than I anticipated.

I was in Chapters today and saw that sadly, "The Road" now bears the giant 'O' on the cover. Fortunately my copy was printed prior to Oprah throwing herself on the McCarthy bandwagon.

Sam said...

He's not a stupid guy, although imagine if he'd spent half the time reading up on the plight of third world countries on, y'know, learning how to act.

But he is a fantastic director, I'll give him that. I wish he'd do the rest of the Patrick Kinzie series. Gone Baby Gone was terrific.

Harry Tournemille said...

Yeah, The Road copy is "O" free too. My East of Eden, sadly, was not, and I spent a long time removing the sticker with great care.

Samuel, Gone Baby Gone was a fine, fine film. Without question.

Sam said...

If I wrote a book and Oprah selected it I would be happy. So would my bank account. So what's the big deal? Yeah she touts crap like "The Rapture of Canaan," but she pushes Faulkner, Tolstoy, Steinbeck and McCarthy. I can't even get them on a syllabus. Maybe Oprah's school in Africa has courses on them.

Harry Tournemille said...

She doesn't actually push them as much as she attaches her "logo" to them and thereby increases her sales. It's insulting, really. She indirectly procures credit for these great works by her very existence--and lack of intellectual proximity. It's repugnant.

See if you can find Rex Murphy's article "The Author Eater".

If I wrote a book that she wanted to push, I'd go on her show too. But I'd be damn sure to be like Cormac McCarthy and refuse to pander to her saccharine sensibilities.